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Hardwood Floor Staining in Silver Spring, MD

Affordable Wood Floor Staining Services in Tysons Corner & Surrounding Areas

Hardwood floors keep your home and business looking clean and elegant at all times no matter what look you’re going for – casual, modern, or historic. Applying a stain to your hardwood floors can help you match your floors to furniture, a new paint color, or simply add a layer of protection and beauty to your floors. AG Construction will help you achieve any look you want! We offer affordable hardwood floor staining in Tysons Corner. We’ve stained thousands of hardwood floors in the DMV area in both residential and commercial properties.

If you already know what type of wood floor stain you want, call us to get started. If not, we can show you some sample stains to help you choose something that matches the style of your property. Schedule a free estimate today!

Is Wood Floor Staining Right for My Floors?

It’s important to understand the hardwood floor staining process might not be right for your floors. Hardwood floor staining is just one step in the wood floor refinishing process and may not be suitable for your type of hardwood flooring. All species of wood are different and react differently to your stain.

Hardwood floor staining is the third step in the hardwood floor refinishing process and is completed after sanding and before applying a finish (or polish). Stains are meant to enhance the true color of your hardwood floors and are ideal for dull or faded floors. Staining your hardwood floors requires you to carefully select your stain of choice, and AG Construction is here to help. We’ll help you pick a hardwood floor stain that beautifies the aesthetics of your floor and brings out its natural beauty. Just give us a call!

Choosing a Stain

Broadly speaking, there are three main colors of stains:

  1. Light hardwood floor stains – Lighter stains are meant to brighten up spaces and tend to look best in a casual or rustic setting. Light stains take advantage of the scratches and dust that naturally accumulates on your floor boards, allowing them to blend in and give the wood a more natural look. A lighter hardwood floor stain also accentuates the knots in your wood floors.
  2. Medium hardwood floor stains – Medium stains are the most common type of wood floor stain and are mostly found in residential settings and create a warm, welcoming environment.
  3. Dark hardwood floor stains – Dark stains provide a more modern look to your home or business and are typically found in new, modern homes and niche businesses (coffee shops, high-end retail stores, etc.). Dark stains create a rich, stylish, dramatic setting and hide imperfections in the boards. Dust, dirt, and scratches also become more apparent to the naked eye after applying a dark hardwood floor stain.

Affordable Hardwood Floor Staining in Silver Spring, MD

AG Construction is the premier choice for hardwood floor staining services in Silver Spring, MD. Owner Aaron Goodman personally oversees every staining project – residential and commercial. With more than 10 years of hardwood flooring experience, when you choose AG Construction you’ll receive:

  • Experienced wood floor experts – Hardwood floor staining requires open pores for adequate absorption into the wood. Our team will apply an even stain and ensure your hardwood floors are properly prepped to receive the best stain possible.
  • White glove service – We’ll move any furniture in the room before applying your stain and remove all door hinges, handles, and knobs.
  • Test stains – Not sure what color or shade of stain you want? No problem! With AG Construction, you can test any stain you are considering to ensure you receive the color you desire.
  • Free estimates – We offer free estimates for both residential and commercial hardwood floor staining projects.

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