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Hardwood Refinishing in Washington, DC

Are your beautiful old hardwood floors no longer looking as beautiful as they once were? Don’t worry too much – this tends to happen to hardwood. The more foot traffic it experiences, the more likely it is to begin exhibiting small visual flaws, like scratches and scuff marks. That’s what happens when you use your hardwood floors. They may begin losing their original luster as well because of that foot traffic as well as due to exposure to the sun.

However, even if your hardwood floor no longer look as beautiful as they were when you first had it installed, you return it to it’s original glory by simply refinishing the hardwood. While you could attempt to refinish your hardwood on your own, doing so takes a herculean effort – and you can easily do more damage than good. Instead, hire a professional in Washington D.C. to refinish your hardwood.

We are a MHIC licensed hardwood floor installer and refinisher dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality craftsmanship. As part of your refinishing project, owner Aaron Goodman will personally oversee the entire process – from your initial (and free!) estimate to completion.

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Professional Hardwood Refinishing in Washington, DC

The following are the steps that a professional will take in order to refinish your hardwood flooring:

  1. The floor must be cleaned – Before you can begin the process of refinishing the hardwood, it must be carefully cleaned.
  2. The perimeter must be sanded by hand – A buffer won’t be able to reach the edges of a room, which means that the hardwood along the baseboard has to be sanded down by hand with the use of 180-grit sandpaper. This can be quite strenuous since a sanding block cannot be used instead (a sanding block can miss uneven spots in the hardwood).
  3. Sand the floor using a buffer – A professional with have a sanding machine, often referred to as a buffer, that they will use to remove the old finish – and all the scratches and scuff marks – from your hardwood. Knowing how to operate a buffer properly is difficult in itself – actually being able to operate a buffer properly is a whole different challenge. A professional will start at the end of a room and work towards the exit, buffing the floor from side to side in the direction of the grain, making sure to overlap each course by roughly six inches.
  4. Cleaning the floor… again – Once the hardwood has been sanded down, there’s going to be a lot of sawdust that will need to be vacuumed up. The floor will have to be carefully cleaned once more to allow for the finish to be applied.
  5. Applying a stain – A stain will need to be added manually with a brush. A professional will do so carefully to ensure that the layers are even.
  6. Applying multiple coats of polyurethane – Once the stain has dried, a coat of polyurethane has to be added. You’ll then have to wait until that dries so that the professional can apply a second coat.

These are the steps a professional will take to refinish your hardwood floors. It’s not difficult to see why you should leave the task to a professional instead of doing it on your own – refinishing requires a lot of time, patience, know-how and skill.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Washington, DC


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