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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Washington, D.C.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.’s Affordable Wood Floor Refinishing Service

hardwood floor refinishing Washington, DC

Townhomes, condos, and other residences in the District of Columbia often boast beautiful, bold hardwood flooring. Wood floors provide an elegant style of living and can provide a variety of looks and feel. Unfortunately, no matter if your home has cherry hardwood floors with a dark stain or maple with a lighter, rustic feel, you will need hardwood floor refinishing in Washington, D.C. if your wood floors:

  • Have a lot of scratches
  • Are fading or are turning gray in color
  • Have scuffs or other marks
  • Turned black in color
  • Have water damage or warping
  • Were discolored by the sun

AG Construction offers affordable hardwood floor refinishing services in Washington, D.C., including popular neighborhoods such as: Adams Morgan, Downtown Washington, D.C., Northwest Washington, D.C., Capitol Hill, Chinatown, Columbia Heights, Dupont Circle, Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, Lincoln Park, Logan Circle, Park View, Woodley Park, and more.

Why Choose AG Construction as Your Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company?

Located just outside of Washington, D.C., our team of award-winning hardwood floor refinishers and flooring experts specialize in wood floor refinishing. We travel to your home and provide a fair, honest, and free estimate for your hardwood floor refinishing in Washington, D.C.

When you choose AG Construction as your wood floor refinishing company, you’re making the right choice! We’ve won several awards and have an A+ BBB rating, including:

You might be asking yourself, “How much does hardwood floor refinishing cost?” While other Washington, D.C. flooring companies over-price and under-deliver – resulting in a poorly refinished floor – at AG Construction we pride ourselves on excellent craftsmanship and affordable pricing. We provide upfront, honest, and free estimates for your hardwood floor refinishing in D.C. and will work with you to find a price point that fits your budget. Wood floor refinishing shouldn’t be expensive, and with AG Construction it never is!

Why Refinish Your Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood Sanding & Refinishing Restores Beauty & Protects for Years

Hardwood floor refinishing gives your home the best of both worlds: the revitalized appeal of a pristine wood floor without the disruption and expense of replacing the existing flooring. Performed by a qualified experienced professional, refinishing is a refined, straightforward procedure that pays off in a number of ways both immediate and long-term. Here are just a few of the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing:

  • Restored beauty. A hardwood floor is a vivid statement of style. However, as years pass, the floor may loss luster due to normal foot traffic and ultraviolet light exposure. Hardwood refinishing turns back the clock, restoring its gloss and natural radiance. Additionally, for a change in your interior decor, you may opt to have the floor stained to a new shade at the same time.
  • Damage control. Stuff happens. In real life, most floors accumulate a few scratches and scuffs and even stains. The refinishing process utilizes sanding and as well as spot filler material to eliminate superficial defects. Where indelible stains exist, affected planks can be removed and replaced. If moisture damage is noted after the floor is stripped and sanded, the refinisher can pinpoint the underlying source and offer suggestions to correct the problem.
  • Enhanced market value. Maybe you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale. After it’s refinished to the like-new state of natural sheen and eye-catching elegance, a hardwood floor is a proven value-booster that draws attention and stokes buyer interest.
  • Preventive treatment. To make your floor’s revitalized appearance endure, a tough two-component topcoat is applied as the final step in refinishing. This protects against the scuffing wear and tear of normal household activity as well as those occasional mishaps such as spills. Proper sealing also inhibits moisture loss that may lead to splintering, particularly in a low-humidity climate.

Hardwood floor refinishing is also a great way to give your property a makeover without the hassle of a complete home remodel.

Our Wood Floor Refinishing Process

We don’t want to intrude on your daily routine, which is why we will work around your schedule and refinish your hardwood floors without disrupting your day. Our hardwood floor refinishers follow a simple four-step refinishing process. This includes:

  1. Sand the wood – We’ll sand your hardwood floors in order to remove any blemishes and create a smooth, even surface.
  2. Apply the new stain – After sanding is complete, we’ll apply your new hardwood floor stain in a nice, even coat to provide the finish you desire.
  3. Polish the wood – After the stain is dry, we’ll finish up your wood floor refinishing project by polishing your floors with a top coat to add shine and protect the floor boards from scratches and other elements.

Choose Your Wood Floor Stain

Not sure what type of stain you want or need? No problem! AG Construction can help you choose the perfect stain for your home or business. Darker stains usually look best in a quiet, dark room such as: libraries, bedrooms, and home theaters. Lighter hardwood floor finishes often provide a brighter look that’s perfect for more lively environments such as: kitchens, living rooms, and retail stores.

We’ll provide your wood floors with a finish that is long-lasting and stands up to the toughest conditions. We work with:

  • Oil-modified urethane wood finishes
  • Moisture-cured urethane wood finishes
  • Water-based urethane wood finishes
  • Conversation-varnish sealers (aka Swedish Finishes)
  • Penetrating sealers
  • Paste wax wood finishes
  • Varnish wood finishes

Free Estimates for Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Washington, D.C.

For a free estimate on hardwood floor refinishing in Washington, D.C. contact us online or give us a call—240-246-4561.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Reviews

5/5 Stars

“AG Construction recently did a fabulous job refinishing the hardwood floors throughout my home, which included the living and dining rooms, 3 bedrooms, a hall and staircase. Since I am putting the place on the market, it was important that the work was done properly and with outstanding results. Aaron and his crew exceeded my expectations. The floors look fantastic, with uniform stain color and two finishing coats. In addition, the molding they added have sharp, tight miter joints. Best of all, they cleaned up very well after themselves and left no mess at all. The price was very reasonable for the quality I received, so I am happy there, too. I recommend these guys very highly, and will not hesitate to call them when I need flooring work in my new home.”

Reviewer: Lisa Zimmerman


5/5 Stars

“AG Construction refurbished hardwood floors on the 2nd floor of house we purchased. His team did a great job and they look absolutely beautiful. They kept the area sealed off so not much sand remnants and dust accumulate else which I always heard horror stories about. Aaron himself is very friendly and personable. Very competitive pricing which after purchasing a home is very much appreciated. We are already planning on using AG Construction for hardwood floor placement and refinishing when we renovate the first floor in a few years!

Update: So after we moved in, our rather horrible movers dragged one of our furniture pieces and left a superficial 6 foot scratch on the floor. Even though it wasn’t a harmful or even terrible noticeable scratch, Aaron was great and came and repaired it for us. It’s rare to find such customer service nowadays. All contractors should learn from Aaron.”

Reviewer: Jenn Lan


5/5 Stars

“Aaron and his did a fantastic job at refinishing my existing hardwood floors and matching the wood of the existing to the new wood floors installed in my office. The crew was professional and courteous and took all the right steps in assuring the best quality work was completed without making a mess. They would vacuum at the end of each day a would take the time to tape off all the doors we wanted to ensure the dust would not reach other parts of the home. Side note: I actually went on vacation while his crew was in the final days of the project. I had a few packages that were being delivered while I was away and asked Aaron if he could have his crew set them inside the house (so nobody would take them off the the front porch). He actually drove over himself, took pictures of the packages setting in the living room after personally setting them inside. Then, sent me pictures of the finished product while I was still on vacation. I will be recommending them to anyone I know.”

Reviewer: Robbie Lynn


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