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Oak Floor Refinishing

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Hardwood is an excellent choice for flooring. Besides being extremely durable and boasting a timeless visual appeal, there are all kinds of hardwood options to choose from. One of the most popular is oak.

Oak hardwood floors tend to wear well over time as long as they are properly finished. If your oak floors experience a lot of foot traffic or if you have pets, then they may begin to exhibit a bit of wear and tear over time, from scuff marks to scratches. Fortunately, you can refinish your hardwood floors so that they look as good as new.

Sanding Your Oak Floors

The first thing you have to do before you can begin refinishing your oak flooring is to sand the wood down. This has to be done to remove the old finish as well as to buff out any surface scratches and marks.

Attempting to sand the floor yourself isn’t the best idea. You’ll have to rent a floor-buffing machine, which can do a decent job although it’s not very efficient. And not only will you have to learn how to handle it properly (something that’s not the easiest thing to do), but you’ll have to be very careful in actually sanding the floor in order to sand the oak evenly.

A professional will use a drum sander, which will quickly remove the old finish along with a thin layer of the wood. Only professionals can use drum sanders as someone who has not been trained to use one could easily damage the floor.

The floor will need to be sanded several times using varying types of sandpaper. Between each sanding, the floor will need to be cleaned using a utility vacuum.

Refinishing Your Oak Floors

You’ll need to wipe the floor down carefully to make sure there’s no sawdust left before you begin refinishing your floor. Because oak is a lighter shade of wood, a stain is a good way to go. The stain should be tested in a place that isn’t visible (such as inside a closet) to make sure it will appear as you want it to.

Most stains need to applied manually with the use of a paintbrush. It’s an extremely painstaking process that can take quite a while to do if you want to do it right. Because of this, you’re probably better off having a professional do the job.

Once the stain is applied, you’ll want to add a layer of polyurethane to give your oak flooring a deep shine and luster. Depending on the type of polyurethane you’re using, you’ll either need one coat or two. If it requires two coats, you’ll need to leave the floor to dry for 24 hours before applying a second layer.

Oak floors can be made to look brand new when refinished, but sanding the floor down and applying stain and polyurethane are challenging tasks that you may want to leave to a professional to ensure the job is done right.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia


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