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Oak Hardwood Floor Installation

Oak is one of the most popular selections of hardwood flooring materials available on today’s market. It is often considered the industry standards because it is naturally abundant in the United States. If you’re thinking about installing oak hardwood floors in your home or business, call AG Construction. We offer affordable flooring solutions for any space and can install beautiful new oak hardwood flooring without breaking your wallet.

AG Construction is a MHIC liscensed wood floor installer dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality craftsmanship. Owner Aaron Goodman has more than 10 years of experience installing, refinishing, and restoring oak hardwood floors in the DMV area and personally oversees all projects. The AG Construction crew specializes in hardwood floor installations and have personally installed thousands of floors in the past decade.

If you’re thinking about installing oak hardwood floors in Maryland, Washington, DC or Northern Virginia, contact AG Construction to schedule a free estimate.

Why Install Oak Floors?

Benefits of Oak Hardwood Floor Installation

Oak hardwood flooring is a great choice of flooring for many reasons.

  • Oak is durable. Oak is one of the most durable and long lasting flooring materials available. Both red and white oak floors are insusceptible to splitting, so you’ll never find gaps in your floors. In particular, white oak is more resistant to insects, fungi, and spills.
  • Oak is easy to take care of. Oak hardwood floors require very little maintenance  or upkeep.
  • Oak is flexible. No matter what the inside of your home looks like or how your business is decorated, chances are you can find a grade and color of oak flooring to suit your needs. We also offer oak wood flooring in both pre-finished and unfinished boards.
  • Oak is attractive. Oak provides you with a beautiful, natural grain that defines the look of a room. Prime grades are cut very clean, while more rustic or character grades have a lot of knots and grain patterns.
  • Oak improves with age. Like a fine red wine, the oak hardwood floors you install actually get better as they age. Even a couple years after your installation is complete you’ll notice its color become much more rich than the day it was installed.

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Types of Oak Hardwood Flooring

There are many species of oak trees – resulting in many kinds of oak hardwood flooring options. At AG Construction, we offer two types of oak hardwood flooring for our customers in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. They are:

Red Oak

Read oak hardwood floors are the more traditional choice of oak flooring. It’s popular light golden color to reddish-pink tones combine with its more wild grain patterns to create a more natural look and a beautiful addition to any space.

White Oak

The counterpart to red oak, white oak hardwood floors are much harder than red. The grain in white oak floors tends to be much more pronounced than red oak and provides a warmer, golden-brown color tone. Additionally, white oak is more durable than red oak because it is a harder wood. It’s much more impervious to insects (like termites!), water, and fungi.

Staining Options for Oak Hardwood Floors

Because of its natural, lighter color than other woods, oak hardwood floors provide you with the most flexibility when it comes to selecting a stain color. Oak is one of the easiest species of wood to stain and accepts stains incredibly well. You can stain and install oak hardwood floors in many varieties, including:

  • Cherry
  • Butterscotch
  • Fawn
  • Blue Ridge
  • Honey
  • Dakota
  • Cherry
  • And much, much more!

Affordable Oak Hardwood Floor Installation in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

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