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Hardwood Floor Sanding in Annandale, VA

Has time lessened the luster of the hardwood floors in your Annandale home? Over time, scrapes and scuffs can make your floors look less than appealing. Fortunately, a good sanding and a little TLC is all it takes to breathe life back into well-worn floors in Maryland. At AG Construction, our master woodworkers know how to make oak, teak, maple, bamboo, cherry, and walnut floors look as new as the day they were laid down.

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When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Hardwood Sanding in Annandale?

Sanding can be performed anytime during the year. Most clients choose to schedule the project for fall and spring, when the indoor and outdoor temperatures are roughly the same. However, this also means that these are the busiest times of year for our team. This means that if you want your floors sanded in the fall or spring, it’s advisable to schedule the sanding in advance.

Does Floor Sanding Add Value to the Home?

Floor sanding most definitely adds value to your home! If you plan to stay in the home, it will make the home more comfortable and relaxing for you and your family. If you plan to sell your home, it will enhance the home’s curb appeal and might even boost the sales price significantly.

Are There Times When Sanding Doesn’t Make Sense?

While our master craftsmen are renowned for performing woodworking miracles, there are limits to our skills. Laminate floors and many engineered floors are not suited for sanding. Sanding will destroy these materials and they must be replaced rather than refurbished.

Similarly, floors that have undergone multiple sandings may be too thin to withstand the sanding process. If we attempt to sand a board that is too thin, the wood will simply split and splinter. When a floor can’t be safely sanded, we work with our clients to install new flooring in the home.

Contact AG Construction at (240) 426-4561 to request a free estimate for hardwood floor sanding and refinishing in Annandale. We are always happy to answer your questions regarding the process and the value sanding brings to your home.

Why Is AG Construction the Best Hardwood Sanding Choice in Annandale?

Sanding helps prolong the life span of your hardwood floors and helps them maintain their beautiful allure. For more than a decade, our crews have honed their skills sanding, restoring, and refinishing flooring throughout Annandale, Chevy Chase, and other cities around Maryland. From new homes to vintage mansions, we have seen it all and repaired it all. We are experts at taking the bad and the ugly and making it good again.

We take pride in our work, and our greatest satisfaction comes from satisfied clients who recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbors. We are proud to offer free estimates and honest advice that you can depend on. While we don’t charge as much as the “big guys,” we guarantee that you will get far more than you bargain for when you hire us to sand your hardwood floors. When the job is done, your baseboards and walls will be intact, and your hardwood floors will once again be the center of attention in your Annandale home.

Contact AG Construction at (240) 426-4561 to request a free quote for hardwood floor sanding in Annandale. Our team will answer your questions and help you determine the best methods for reinvigorating your hardwood floors.