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How To Clean Hardwood Floors

Kitchen with recently cleaned hardwood floors.

While some homeowners love carpet and tile, others adore luxurious hardwood floors. They are beautiful, durable, and provide the perfect finishing touch to any home’s aesthetics! But with all that beauty comes all the maintenance work required to keep it looking nice and clean. Cleaning hardwood floors takes some extra care and know-how. In this blog, we’ll be going over how to clean hardwood floors properly and prevent inadvertent scuffs, buffs, and scrapes.

Carefully Remove Dirt & Debris

Avoid using a regular broom to remove dirt and debris! You can’t treat your hardwood floors like vinyl flooring, and using a run-of-the-mill broom runs the risk of scratching up your floor with the sand, dirt, and grit you’d be moving around with it. Any scratches may result in your hardwood floor being exposed to moisture, which is a no-no for hardwood. As an alternative, it’s recommended to use a nonrotating brush vacuum to remove dirt, dust, and other particles off your floor safely without damaging it in any way.

Mop the Right Way

Before you go reaching for your mop and bucket, determine the kind of finish you want your hardwood floors you have. This is because older hardwood floors have a type of finish that requires specific cleaning products as opposed to more modern-finish hardwood floors. To find out, simply run your finger across a trip on your floor. If it smudges, then it can be assumed that your floor has an older finish and sealant. If it doesn’t, then your floor uses a more modern finish.

You’ll want to use cleaning products specifically made for hardwood floors as cleaners that contain ammonia, abrasives, or alkaline will strip and damage your hardwood’s sealant, causing it to look dull. While there are all-in-one spray mops that can get the job done, you’ll most likely need a bucket with a mixture of your cleaning product if you’re looking for a deep clean. If for some reason, you happen to damage your floor’s finish accidentally, our team can deliver high-quality refinishing and restoration services.

Bring On the Shine

As a final step, use a wood floor shine solution to bring that shiny new feel for your hardwood floors. It’s recommended to refinish your floor every three to six months to upkeep your hardwood floor’s luxurious aesthetic. Feel free to use rugs, mats, and other floor-bound coverings to protect your floors from regular foot traffic. Plus, it makes them easier to clean when it’s time to do it all over again.

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