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Commercial Hardwood Refinishing

The hardwood floors of your commercial property have a huge impact on your business. Beautiful hardwood floors reflect positively on your company’s image – customers and prospective business partners and employees will often judge your business based on their first impression – and if your hardwood flooring is in poor shape, it could reflect negatively.

This is why you should strongly consider commercial hardwood refinishing in Maryland. Commercial hardwood refinishing in Maryland will not only make your hardwood floors look brand new, they’ll help further protect them from future damage.

The Benefits of Commercial Hardwood Refinishing

You can transform your commercial building’s dull-looking or scratched up wood floors into gorgeous like-new wood flooring that will completely change the aesthetic of your entire space. Refinishing your hardwood floors provides many more benefits than simply re-staining them as well. Re-staining involves simply adding another layer of stain over your old hardwood floor. With commercial hardwood refinishing, we will remove the previous finish before we apply a new finish so that it will retain better.

The following are just a few of the advantages that refinishing your commercial hardwood floors will provide:

  • Refinishing your hardwood floors will give it a brand spanking new look – even if you have older hardwood flooring installed.
  • By improving how your hardwood flooring looks by refinishing the wood, you’ll improve the overall visual quality of your entire space – something that is essential for all commercial properties.
  • Refinishing your hardwood floors will eliminate any visual flaws that are currently present, such as scratches and scuff marks.
  • Refinishing your hardwood floors will recover any damage that was done due to moisture issues.
  • Refinishing your hardwood floors will help to prevent pests, such as termites,¬†from infesting your property.
  • A new layer of finish will help to protect your hardwood from future damage. And by doing so, you’ll also reduce the costs of future maintenance and repairs.
  • Refinishing your hardwood floors can even help to improve safety since the risk of receiving a splinter will be greatly reduced.

Types of Commercial Hardwood Finishes

Here at AG Construction in Maryland, we provide commercial properties with a number of different finish options for their hardwood floors. We can even help you to determine what type of finish will work best for your property. For example, we typically recommend lighter finishes for smaller spaces since darker finishes can make a small space feel cramped. The following are a number of different finishes that we have to offer:

  • Conversation-varnish sealer
  • Moisture-cured urethane finish
  • Oil-modified urethane finish
  • Paste wax finish
  • Penetrating sealer
  • Varnish finish
  • Water-based urethane finish

When we refinish commercial hardwood, we begin by sanding the wood before we apply a new stain. Afterwards, we will polish the wood to provide it with extra shine as well as protection.

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