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Pine Floor Refinishing

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Although pine wood definitely provides a unique aesthetic to your home, it’s different than many hardwood flooring options in that it is a soft wood. Pine was often used in the early 1900’s because of easy it was to find, not to mention how affordable it was. But because it’s a soft wood, it’s not as durable or resistant to wear and tear, scratches and impact damage as other types of wood.

Fortunately, if your pine wood does begin to exhibit a bit of wear and tear, you can always refinish it, thereby restoring its original look. The following are the steps that you’ll need to take in order to refinish your pine floors:

Sanding the Pine

In order to remove the old finish as well as to buff out any damage done to the pine, such as scratches or general wear and tear, you’re going to have to sand the entire pine floor. Because of how soft pine is, operating a sander requires some expertise. You need to keep the sander moving at all times and pay careful attention or else you could end up damaging the wood.

Because pine floors often have face nails that secure them to the subflooring, you’ll have to countersink them or else you could end up ruining the sander. Considering how easily it is to damage pine while sanding it, the process is best left to a professional.

Adding a Finish

When refinishing your pine wood flooring, there are two options that you should consider:

  • Polyurethane finish – A polyurethane finish can help to enhance as well as maintain the beauty of your pine flooring, while also providing it with some additional durability. If you’re going to use a polyurethane finish as your pine floor’s top coat, then be sure to use one that is oil-based and not water-based. An oil-based finish will last much longer.
  • Hardening varnish – If you’d prefer to add a varnish instead of a polyurethane finish, then be sure to look for a varnish or finish that contains hardening agents. This will add a bit of extra durability to your pine floor. A varnish that contains hardening agents will ensure that your pine flooring won’t have to be refinished again for quite some time.

Finishing your pine wood flooring is going to take a while to do. It has to be done manually, and you have to be just as careful when applying the finish as you are when sanding the wood. Although you won’t damage the wood, you could blemish the look of the wood if you don’t apply the finish properly.

If the instructions require that you apply more than one coat, it means you’ll have to leave the first coat to dry for at least 24 hours.

Pine wood can be aesthetically pleasing, but it is a softer wood flooring options. If you do need to refinish it, then consider using a professional that is trained to not only sand wood properly, but also to finish it.