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Hardwood Floor Sanding in Alexandria, Virginia

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Alexandria Professional Hardwood Sanding

Hardwood floors in your Alexandria home bring a new level of natural beauty to the entire property. The floors bring both warmth and luxury to the home. However, hardwood floors tend to become worn down over time, especially when they’re installed in a high-traffic area. To keep your hardwood floors beautiful and scratch-free, periodically sanding them is essential. Sanding hardwood floors can also enhance the look and feel of your entire home!

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When to Sand Your Hardwood Floors

If you plan on selling your Alexandria home or like to be proactive in keeping up with your home’s maintenance, schedule a hardwood floor sanding appointment. You will most likely need to sand the hardwood floors if you notice a difference in the color of the exposed wood and wood under the carpet, notice scratches on the surface of the wood, or the wood is generally worn down.

If your floors have already been sanded multiple times, the experts at AG Construction will need to measure the thickness of the board to see if they can withstand the process. The professionals at AG Construction will assess your home’s hardwood flooring system and advise on the best course of action to revitalize your floors!

Why Hire AG Construction for Floor Sanding in Alexandria?

At AG Construction, we know the importance of sanding hardwood floors to prolong its life and make your home an even more pleasant place to spend time in. Hiring a professional with over a decade of experience for hardwood floor sanding is essential to seeing the results of successful hardwood floor sanding.

We are well-seasoned in hardwood flooring restoration in Alexandria and the greater Washington, DC  and Northern Virginia area. Our Alexandria hardwood sanding experts know how to effectively enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors.

AG Construction is the professional hardwood floor sanding company to count on for your Alexandria home. In addition to premier hardwood floor sanding services, we also offer:

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  • Affordable pricing
  • Efficient work
  • Experienced home contractors

AG Construction can provide hardwood flooring restoration and complete refinishing, in addition to our floor sanding services in Alexandria. We’ll let you know if you need a new topcoat, a full sanding and refinishing, or if the floors need to be replaced because sanding is not the appropriate step.

See our photo gallery for examples of the beautiful work we do sanding hardwood floors in the Alexandria area!

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Sanding your hardwood floor in Alexandria will give your home a revitalized look without the disruption and expense of replacing the existing flooring. Performed by a qualified experienced professional, refinishing is a refined, straightforward procedure that keeps your floors beautiful for years to come!

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