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Hardwood Floor Sanding in Arlington, VA

Everybody loves hardwood flooring for its enduring beauty, even though it tends to get scratched by pets and dulled by foot traffic. Thankfully, those worn hardwood floors in your Arlington home can be sanded to remove a thin layer from the top, making scratches and worn-out spots disappear.

The trick is that you need a professional to do the job efficiently without removing too much. For that, you can count on AG Construction for hardwood sanding in Arlington by experienced and talented experts.

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When to Get Hardwood Floor Sanding in Arlington

Imagine you were selling your house. Would the hardwood floors be a selling point or a necessary repair? When sunlight is shining in, pick up any rugs and take a look at the floor to see if it appears heavily scuffed. If you aren’t proud of your hardwood floors, our sanding services in Arlington can help.

A few things to note:

  • Most laminate and some engineered floors cannot be sanded, only real hardwood
  • If the floors have already been sanded multiple times, we’ll need to measure the thickness to see if the boards can withstand the process

Why Hire a Professional for Floor Sanding in Arlington?

The purpose of sanding a hardwood floor is to prolong its life and improve its aesthetics. That’s why you should not try any DIY methods. At AG Construction, we have more than ten years of experience in hardwood flooring restoration in the Arlington area.

Our Arlington hardwood sanding experts know how to reveal the hidden beauty of your floors while doing the job safely.

AG Construction stands out as your best option for hardwood floor sanding in Arlington in several ways:

  • We offer free estimates with honest advice
  • Our prices are lower than the big guys
  • Aaron Goodman, our owner, will oversee the job himself
  • We sand hardwood floors efficiently so you can sand it repeatedly over the years
  • We do the job professionally so there’s no risk to your walls or baseboards

AG Construction can provide flooring restoration and complete refinishing in addition to our floor sanding services in Arlington. We’ll let you know if you just need a new topcoat, a full sanding and refinishing, or if the floors need to be replaced because sanding isn’t an option.

See our photo gallery for examples of the beautiful work we do sanding hardwood floors in the Arlington area!

Hardwood Floor Sanding & Refinishing Protects Your Arlington Floors for Years

Sanding your hardwood floor will give your home a revitalized appeal without the disruption and expense of replacing the existing flooring. Performed by a qualified experienced professional, refinishing is a refined, straightforward procedure that pays off in some ways both immediate and long-term.

Learn more about how to restore your floor by refinishing it!

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