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Hardwood Floor Sanding in Silver Spring, MD

Hardwood floors are built to last, but they are not built to last forever. As the years go by, furniture, children, pets, and daily life will scratch the surface and leave the hardwood floors of your Silver Spring home looking less than spectacular. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to look that way forever. Much of the damage caused by daily life can be erased through the process of hardwood floor sanding and refinishing. At AG Construction, our owner-operated team can restore your floors so they look brand-new at a fraction of the cost of other less experienced companies in the region.

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When to Schedule Hardwood Floor Sanding in Your Silver Spring Home?

Hardwood floors can be sanded at any time in the year. However, most clients choose to schedule sanding for the fall and spring, when the interior and exterior temperatures are roughly the same. It takes roughly one day to sand an area of 1,500 to 2,000 square feet. However, it can take a little longer if it is an older floor or if additional treatments are required. Prior to starting the project, we will provide a full estimate of cost and the time required to complete the task.

Can All Floors Be Sanded?

Many “hardwood” floors are not true hardwood floors. They are laminates or engineered flooring. It is not possible to sand these, because doing so would eradicate the surface veneer. Further, if the hardwood floor has been previously sanded, then it may be too thin to sand again. When the wood is too thin, it can split during the sanding process. Before we start, our team will visit your home and conduct an on-site inspection to determine the best approach for sanding, repairing, and (when sanding or a fresh topcoat is not an option) replacing your hardwood floor.

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What Value Does Sanding Offer?

Hardwood floor sanding is an investment in comfort. It reinvigorates your decor and provides a solid foundation for you to enjoy daily life, family gatherings, and special events. It also adds significant value to your home. A freshly sanded floor looks brand-new, which can add significant value to your home as prospective buyers stare in awe at its beauty.

Why Is AG Construction the Top Choice in Silver Spring, Maryland?

Our business is built on our reputation. Over the past decade, our expert craftsmen have honed their woodworking skills and are capable of working with all manner of hardwood flooring. Oak, cherry, teak, pine, walnut, hickory, or maple: We have the tools and experience to sand and polish your floor to perfection.

We value strong relationships with our clients, and the majority of our business comes not from advertising, but from first-person referrals. It is our guarantee that we will offer honest advice, solid estimates, and quality service at every stage of the process. Our teams are committed to excellence, and it shows in the quality and attention to every detail that we bring to every floor we restore.

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