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Wood Species at AG Construction

When it comes to installing or updating hardwood floors in your home, you will want wood that will last and keep up with your and your family’s lifestyle. Especially if you own pets, you are going to want wood that is durable and does not scratch so quickly. At AG Construction, we offer six different kinds of wood species for hardwood floor installation: bamboo, pine, heart of pine, maple, oak, and walnut flooring. AG Construction is an MHIC licensed wood floor installer dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a popular and great option because of its durability and how eco-friendly it is. Bamboo is a very sustainable option since bamboo is a type of grass; it grows back at a rapid pace. There are other reasons why many homeowners appreciate bamboo flooring over other hardwood floorings:

  • Easy to maintain– Bamboo does not require a lot of maintenance. Bamboo requires daily sweeping and vacuuming.
  • Durable– Bamboo is amongst the most durable flooring. Especially with pets such as cats and dogs, your floors can get scratched very easily. With bamboo, it can handle high traffic areas very well.
  • Affordability – Since bamboo can be found all over the world and is a sustainable source, it is more comfortable and more affordable for the contractor and homeowner to install.
  • Aesthetic – When you are looking to install or upgrade your hardwood floors, you want it to match the style of your home. Bamboo is a beautiful-looking wood. It’s look natural and sleek, with the ability to come in many different colors and styles.

When considering which wood species to install into your home, look no further than us! Our CEO Aaron Goodman will oversee your project from the estimate to the completion. Give us a call at (240) 246-4561 to get started!

Pine Flooring

Pine may not be as popular as it once was, but many of our Washington, DC area customers love pine and choose to have it installed into their homes. At AG Construction, we offer pine installation for our homeowners. In comparison to bamboo, it is a softer wood that will dent and scratch more easily. There are several benefits to pine wood:

  • Easy Installation – Pine is easier to install since it is long and wide. The time for installation is significantly less than with other woods.
  • Rustic Style – Pine was once used as siding and to build interior walls. Now, this beautiful wood can bring out a rustic and rural style.
  • Multiple Choices – With pine flooring, there are two main types of pine used: eastern white pine and heart of pine. For eastern white pine, you will get a lighter look in coloring. With heart of pine, your look will be darker and more of a New England style.
  • Age – Like the best things in life, pine flooring gets better with age. Even though it is prone to scratches and dents, it will add character to your flooring. Pine flooring will also harden over time, making the chances of dents and scratches less likely to happen.

With any of our wood flooring options, we offer a free estimate with our CEO Aaron Goodman! Contact us to get started on your wood floor installation.

Heart of Pine Flooring

Since pine trees used to grow in extremely tall sizes, the tree formed heartwood. This is where heart of pine’s name came from. The heartwood of a pine tree is a darker colored pine that is very durable and resistant to decay. Heart of pine is hard to come by since you have to reclaim the old heart of pine wood for your floor. With this method, it is a sustainable option for your home. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing heart of pine for your home:

  • Understanding heart of pine – Heart of pine can sometimes be confused with similar types of pine from other parts of the tree, such as shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, and slash pine – but they are not the same thing. Heart of pine comes from the heartwood, while these other types come from different parts of the tree.
  • Know the date to look for – Look for pre-1920s timber. The pine that was logged and sold after the 1920s is a lower-grade material. Timber that is claimed before the 1920s will be the best quality.
  • Tighter growth rings – The tighter the growth rings, the denser the wood will be. If you want traditional quarter-sawn pine flooring, you’ll want rings that are an eighth of an inch to an inch apart.

If you’re looking for affordable heart of pine flooring installation in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Northern Virginia, contact AG Construction today to schedule a free estimate. 

Maple Flooring

If you are looking to brighten up a space or enhance the design of a room, maple flooring is the choice for you. Many Washington, DC homeowners and business owners love the welcoming and bright look of maple flooring. Other benefits include:

  • Versatility – There are many different choices when it comes to maple flooring, including prefinished, unfinished, solid, and engineered wood. The experts with AG Construction will help you decided what is best for your home.
  • Durability – Maple wood is among the most robust and is scratch- and dent-resistant.
  • Easy to take care of – Requires little to no maintenance.
  • Nonporous – Maple wood does not absorb dark liquids or water. With that in mind, maple wood does respond to staining.

We offer a variety of brands for our maple floors, including:

  • Bruce®
  • Mohawk®
  • Real Wood Floors
  • Bostitch®
  • DuraSeal®
  • Bona®
  • And many more!

To receive expert advice on our maple flooring options, contact us today at (240) 246-4561 or online to schedule your free estimate!

Oak Flooring

Oak is one of the most popular flooring options, primarily since it is naturally found in the United States. Oak is durable, flexible, and easy to maintain, and it improves with age. Oak has many options, from the trees to the staining options.

There are two different kinds of oak trees we use:

  • Red Oak
  • White Oak

Along with the two different trees, we offer many staining options:

  • Cherry
  • Butterscotch
  • Fawn
  • Blue Ridge
  • Honey
  • Dakota
  • Cherry
  • And much, much more!

If you’re ready to get started, call the flooring experts at AG Construction to schedule a free estimate for oak hardwood floor installation in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia – 240-246-4561.

Walnut Flooring

Walnut is known for its beauty and durability, which makes a popular choice for flooring. There are two main types of walnut hardwood – American Black Walnut and Brazilian Walnut. Installing walnut floors is an investment into your home with many benefits, which include:

  • Durability ­– It is the densest wood on the market, which makes it great for a home with high traffic. Walnut lasts quite a long time, which is why it is considered an excellent investment for your home.
  • Visually Stunning ­– Walnut gives an element of luxury and elegance, which is why it is trendy for homeowners. Like a fine wine, it gets more visually appealing as it develops a lustrous patina.
  • Easy to maintain – Walnut flooring does not trap dust or dirt, is resistant to water, mold, and bugs, and maintains its beauty throughout years of cleaning. Walnut is one of the few floors that you can mop without potentially damaging it.

You are paying for durability and timeless beauty when you install walnut flooring into your home. If you’re ready to invest in walnut flooring, contact us online or at 240-246-4561 for our CEO Aaron Goodman to come out and provide a free estimate.

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